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Each year the members of the Fulfillment Management Association vote to honor a single professional who made an outstanding contribution to the periodical publishing industry. In 2010, that honor went to Nicole Bowman, the recipient of the distinguished Lee C. Williams Award.

Nicole remains an extremely active and influential member of the publishing community. She has:

• Served as President, Vice President and Chairman of the Fulfillment Marketing Association

• Served as Chair and Co-Chair of the Circulation Council of the Direct Marketing Association

• Nominated for the Direct Marketing Association 2012 Hall of Fame
Furthermore, Nicole is frequently recognized by publishers and other marketing professionals for her industry knowledge and expertise. She has served as speaker and judge at numerous industry events.


In 2007, Nicole was interviewed at the Circulation Management Conference and Expo.  In the following interview she discusses trends that she sees in outsourcing circulation marketing functions. 

Click on the video to watch.

56 Ritch Avenue West, 2nd Floor, Greenwich, CT 06830
Connecticut, Indiana, New York